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What about Low Vision Patients, TBI Patients, Stroke Patients?

3M Press-On™ Optics: Prisms and Plus Power Aspheric lenses are the tools needed to help the patient.

After a stroke, a patient may experience vision problems, which may improve over time. Instead of waiting for the vision to stabilize, using the 3M Press-On™ prism may allow the patient to have a quality of life doing familiar things while they recover. With the cost of a ground-in prism being prohibitive to change often as the patient recovers, using an array of Press-On™ prisms may expedite the recovery. Therapy will be more successful when the patient is able to engage.

With TBI patients, it has been questioned how a patient can re-learn particular skills if they are unable to see correctly. With resulting double vision or eye misalignment, a patient is not able to re-learn to walk safely or will experience severe headaches as the brain is trying to heal. Using a Press-On™ prism may assist when the headaches are due to the visual stress of the eye/brain attempting to correct the alignment.

Low vision is a vision problem that makes it hard to do everyday activities. It can’t be cured with glasses, contact lenses, or other standard treatments like medicine or surgery, but it can be treated to provide the best vision possible. Press-On™ Aspheric lenses may be used to magnify by placing on the lower portion of each lens. This is a lightweight solution that may allow the patient to manage day-to-day activities without the use of a high-plus reading loupe.

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