Discover the Power of 3M™ Press-On™ Optics

3M™ Press-On™ Optics provide a versatile and effective system for creating prismatic and spherical corrections, making them invaluable tools for treating a variety of ocular mobility disorders. Whether you require solutions for misaligned eyes (Strabismus), double vision (Diplopia), eye muscle imbalances (Phorias) or partial loss of vision (Hemianopia) due to genetics, infection, refractive errors, stroke, trauma or other underlying conditions, our 3M™ Press-On™ Prisms, also known as Fresnel Prisms, offer a simple and easy-to-use solution.

Enjoy the Benefits of 3M™ Press-On™ Optics

With 3M™ Press-On™ Optics, you can count on reliable and high-quality solutions to improve vision and enhance your patients’ quality of life. A few of the benefits of using our Press-On Optics are:

  • Immediate visual corrections without the need for constant adjustments or long waiting periods.
  • A comfortable, non-invasive and virtually unnoticeable treatment that blends seamlessly with eyewear.
  • An ultra-thin design that adds no weight or thickness to glasses, ensuring comfort throughout the day.
  • Easy customization and application easily tailored to each client’s unique requirements.
  • A wide selection of powers creates the perfect match for each patient’s specific visual needs.
  • Designed to withstand daily wear with their durable polyvinyl chloride construction.

In addition to these benefits, the 3M™ Press-On™ Aspheric line offers innovative solutions for various activities, including sunglasses, diving masks, swim goggles and welding masks. They also make participating in a variety of sports and hobbies much easier.

Convenient and Accessible Solutions

Our 3M™ Press-On™ D-Seg Bifocal Lenses are perfect for altering sunglasses or adding magnification to swim goggles and dive masks, allowing you to easily navigate underwater areas and accurately read gauges, watches or cameras.

We also offer additional products to enhance your experience, such as Fresnel Prism Trial Sets for accurate testing of oculomotor imbalances, Prism Nomograph/Rotation Guide Kit for achieving combined horizontal and vertical deviation correction, and Fresnel Lens Cleaning Kits to ensure smudge-free longevity of the prisms.

Take the Next Step Toward Enhanced Vision

Discover how 3M™ Press-On™ Optics can improve your patients’ vision and simplify your workflow. Contact our team of professionals today to learn more and explore your options.