What are Fresnel Prisms & Aspheric Lens?

Prisms: 1.00D to 40.00D 

3M manufactures Plus Powers of press on lenses:
Plus powers 0.5 D to +16.00D
D-25 segs (“Adds”) 0.5 D to +16.00D

•  3M™ Press-On™ Optics, also known as Fresnel Prisms, and Press-On Aspherics, provide a system for creating      prismatic and spherical corrections in a cost effective and temporary manner.
•  3M™ Press-On™ Optics offer the eye care professional and the patient several benefits:
•  A simple, therapeutic, inexpensive, way to correct several visual disorders.
•  Provide an immediate correction.
•  They are more comfortable, more cosmetically appealing treatment for strabismus and diplopia than conventional prisms.
•  They add NO noticeable weight or thickness to the spectacle.
•  Press-on prism material is flexible static vinyl which can easily be cut to shape with scissors to determine the acceptance of  a proposed corrective prescription.
•  Adheres with just water to existing lenses, yet it can be easily repositioned.
•  Apply a Press-On sphere or prism to the back surface of one or both lenses of the patient`s eyeglasses with just water.
•  It can be applied to the entire lens or to any region of the lens.
•  A full range of seventeen powers from 1.00 to 40.00 prism diopters allows you to broaden therapeutic uses and provides additional treatment options in your practice.
Made of polyvinyl chloride
1mm thick
63.5 mm diameter