Innovative Solutions to Eye Occlusion Therapy

When patients come to your office with vision disorders, it is essential that you offer effective and comfortable solutions that encourage patients to adhere to their treatment plans. Eye occlusion therapy is particularly difficult, as traditional patches do not appeal to a wide range of patients. With newer ocular occlusion therapy solutions like MYI Patches and CoverClude Occlusion Eye Patches, you can offer your patients customized options and increase the likelihood of treatment compliance.

The Importance of Customization and Patient Comfort

A patient must like the design, fit, and appearance of their occlusion patch for a treatment plan to succeed. You can improve the likelihood of success by ensuring patients have a range of occlusion therapy choices and offering customizable products that cater to each patient’s tastes and treatment needs. 

The MYI Occlusion Eye Patches are made from a non-woven material that keeps the skin comfortable during therapy. Since the patches are hypoallergenic and latex-free, skin irritation, and allergic reactions are minimized, promoting proper wear time. Children’s patches also come in a variety of designs to encourage a positive patient experience.

We also offer MIN Occlusion Lenses that are nearly clear. With durable coatings for longevity and improved patient satisfaction, these lenses provide an attractive option for long-term treatment of amblyopia and diplopia.

Sustainable, Reusable, and Cost-Effective Options

As environmental concerns continue to be a high priority for many families, you can provide your patients with an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option by offering The Perfect Patch reusable and washable 100% cotton cloth patches. As a non-adhesive occlusive patch, they are an excellent choice for sensitive skin and come in multiple designs. There is also the traditional silicone “pirate patches” available in a variety of colors.

Promoting Positive Patching Experiences with Truffles the Kitty

To encourage compliance and make occlusion therapy more enjoyable, visually appealing patches can help improve the therapy experience and increase treatment success, but it can still be difficult for children to adapt to their eye patches.

To help with their adjustment, we’re proud to promote our partnership with Truffles the Kitty. With her stylish eyewear and eye patches, Truffles inspires positivity, is a responsible partner in treatment, and promoting pride in wearing eye therapy aids. Truffles provides extra resources for parents and families, too.