The Lang Stereotest Series for Vision Screening

Comprehensive vision screening of your patients is essential to diagnose and address potential vision problems early. The Lang Stereotest series, including Lang Stereotest I-R, LANG-STEREOPAD®, and Lang Stereotest 2, provides a quick and efficient method to screen for binocular vision issues and stereopsis in children and adults. By incorporating Lang Fixation Targets along with these innovative, user-friendly tests, you can ensure accurate and comprehensive vision care in your office.

The Evolution of the Lang Stereotest Series

The Lang Stereotest series has evolved to cater to various age groups and testing needs, ensuring a versatile solution for vision screening in your practice. The original Lang Stereotest, designed for children aged three and above, is a reliable method to identify stereopsis and binocular vision issues early.

The Lang Stereotest I-R is designed for young children and infants as young as 30 months of age. It allows for early detection of vision issues using a simplified test featuring only one hidden object. The LANG-STEREOPAD® offers a screening tool for all age groups, including children under 1 year of age.

For older children and adults, The Lang Stereotest 2 features more complex hidden objects to accurately assess the patient’s stereopsis and binocular vision capabilities. It also features a monocular image to promote a sense of achievement when other objects are obscured due to vision issues.

Utilizing Lang Fixation Targets for Enhanced Testing

Lang Fixation Targets help to maintain the patient’s attention and focus during the screening process. These colorful and engaging targets enhance the overall testing experience and improve patient cooperation, especially in young children. They also provide a convenient method to test for accommodation and convergence.

Early Detection for Improved Outcomes

The Lang Stereotest series is non-invasive and requires no additional equipment or special glasses, ensuring a comfortable and efficient testing experience for both patients and practitioners. Early diagnosis of binocular vision disorders, such as lazy eye (amblyopia) or crossed eyes (strabismus), allows for prompt intervention and treatment.

By incorporating the Lang Stereotest series and Lang Fixation Targets in your office, you can provide comprehensive vision screening and ensure ongoing visual health for your patients. Contact us today if you have questions about how the Lang Stereotest series and Fixation Targets can benefit your patients.