Discover the Benefits of Bangerter Occlusion Foils

Bangerter Occlusion Foils are special adhesive films that stick onto your glasses using only water, helping treat lazy eye or other vision issues. These foils work by making your stronger eye see less clearly so your brain uses your weaker eye more, helping it improve. They come in different levels of thickness so you can choose the right amount of blur for your needs. The best part is that these foils are easy to remove or replace, making them a gentle and adjustable treatment option that won’t harm your glasses.

Comfort and Confidence

Since the foils are applied directly to your eyeglasses, they may be more comfortable than traditional eye patches, especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies. They are also less noticeable, which can help you feel more confident wearing them.

You can be confident applying them, too. They are easy to cut to size with regular sharp scissors, and then you simply dampen the back with warm water and apply it to the lens, much the same way window cling is applied. Air bubbles are easily removed following the directions.

The foils can be removed and reused; however, the more often they are removed, the greater the chance that dirt and oils will reduce their ability to stick. When you leave it in place on the lens, the foil is quite durable and should last several months before needing to be changed.

Maintain and Boost Performance

These foils let you keep some of your depth perception and side vision in the covered eye, which can be important for playing sports or doing certain activities. Plus, they come in different thicknesses so you can gradually change the blur on your stronger eye as your vision improves.

If you are into competitive shooting sports and have trouble with aiming because your dominant eye does not match your dominant hand, Bangerter Occlusion Foils can help. They make your non-aiming eye’s vision slightly blurry, so you rely more on your aiming eye, improving your aim and accuracy.

Talk to your doctor about how Bangerter Occlusion Foils can improve your vision, and reach out to our team today to learn more about this innovative treatment option.