Comprehensive Vision Care for Hemianopsia Patients

Hemianopsia, also known as hemianopia, is a type of vision loss affecting half of the visual field in one or both eyes. This condition is caused by damage to the visual pathways in the brain, which can be caused by several factors. One of the most common causes is stroke, which damages the pathways by interrupting the blood supply to the brain. Other causes include brain tumors compressing or damaging the neural structures along the pathways and accidents or injuries causing direct trauma to the brain or acquired brain injuries.

Challenges Faced by Hemianopsia Patients

Patients with hemianopsia often face significant challenges in their daily lives, such as difficulty reading, problems with depth perception, and an increased risk of falls. They may suffer from isolation and depression and become increasingly frustrated with their perceived lack of independence. These challenges can lead to a decrease in their self-confidence and overall quality of life. As a physician, understanding these problems and offering appropriate support and resources is crucial in helping hemianopsia patients adapt to their condition and maintain their well-being.

Solutions for Hemianopsia

There are several visual aids available to help patients with hemianopsia cope with their visual field loss. They can improve patients’ spatial awareness, their ability to navigate different spaces without assistance, and improve their overall quality of life. One very successful aid is the “EP” Horizontal System, which extends the peripheral field of view and assists patients in compensating for visual field loss. It can be used alongside other types of visual field awareness training and compensatory scanning training until the patient finds the right balance of tools to regain appropriate independence.

Incorporating Hemianopsia Care into Your Practice

By incorporating comprehensive hemianopsia care into your practice, you can provide valuable support and resources for patients living with this condition. Offering appropriate aids and techniques, such as the “EP” Horizontal System or visual field awareness training, can empower your patients to overcome the challenges associated with visual field loss and lead to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

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