About Patches

  • MYI patches are made from a LATEX FREE medical / surgical adhesive from 3M.
  • MYI patches – you choose any 3 designs for your package.
  • CoverClude Eye patches are made with a generic adhesive.
  • CoverClude patches are only available in boxes of 5 generic designs.
  • They both are PEEK-FREE, there are no tiny holes in the non-woven material to fixate through – if a child can see through the holes of the patch, they are not patched.
  • Adhesive is a HYPO-ALLERGENIC medical grade adhesive for both patches.
  • The adhesive is “aggressive” it will stick when other patches don’t – they do not come off in water, from sweat, humidity or tears.  If is too sticky then contact us for tips make it less sticky.
  • The thin black occlusion layer provides for total occlusion and is thin so it is comfortable to the eyelashes.
  • The patch is intended for one time use, not to be reused.
  • Not for use on broken skin.