Truffles the Kitty

Fresnel Prism and Lens Co. is proud to partner with the Truffles the Kitty Organization, whose mission is to “spread awareness about the unique vision needs of children to the community and encourage kids to take pride in their glasses and responsibility in their occlusion therapy.”

What Does the Truffles the Kitty Organization Do?

Truffles the Kitty Organization is a non-profit charity working with doctors, schools and communities to help remove the stigma of children wearing glasses or eye patches. Truffles also provides parent and teacher education so they can recognize the early signs of vision problems and seek treatment.

Since vision problems can create financial hardship, the Truffles the Kitty Organization provides funds to help families purchase a first pair of glasses for their child. Under this same program, they help parents and children feel confident about eye exams, how glasses fit, how to take care of their new spectacles, and of course, how to feel fabulous wearing them.

Truffles the Kitty does not tolerate bullying of any kind, and she understands how hard it can be to undergo surgery or wear an eyepatch. That’s why the organization has a dedicated “Treats from Truffles” program, where your donations help send supportive and encouraging packages to children all over the world.

Who Is Truffles the Kitty?

Aside from being the proud owner of 16 pairs of glasses and a cheerleader for proper eye patching, Truffles the Kitty is a loving cat who loves giving high-fives, relaxing with her glasses on, and celebrating being Employee of the Month each and every month.

She is a tireless advocate for early childhood eye exams, fabulous glasses, and combating the stigma of eyepatches. Children can log on to her website and put their eyepatch on at the same time Truffles does, as well as complete other activities to earn virtual rewards. They can also connect with her on various other social media platforms, where she provides encouragement, motivation to continue occlusion therapy, support for children needing eye surgery, and other entertaining videos.

If your child is struggling with their eyepatch therapy, new glasses, or eye surgery, please visit Truffles the Kitty today for encouragement, understanding, and support.