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HELP! My Child Will Not Keep the Patch On.

You are not alone.

Imagine if you have good vision in one eye but not so great vision in the other eye, and you have to cover the only eye you see well from. You would try to get that patch off, too.

But because you are not alone, we have collected tips and ideas that have worked for other families, and they may work for you too, at least for a bit; every extra minute is a win.

  • Special playtime toys are only available during patching.
  • One-on-one activities.
  • Helping to cook.
  • Bubbles.
  • Dance party.
  • Toddler age? Make patching time active learning time. This encourages both sides of the brain to interact and is better for this age than traditional eye exercises.
  • Movie time.
  • Apply the patch first thing in the morning, before they wake if possible, so it does not seem like you have taken something from them.
  • Make patching part of the daily routine.
  • Use a timer that will let them know when the time is completed. That way, you are not the bad guy saying it has not been long enough.
  • Rewards for short-term goals. 
  • Do not give time off from patching for good behavior, like if your child requires an insulin shot – they must do this to remain healthy. NO Option.

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