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Why Prescribe a Press-On™?

A 3M Press-On™ is a simple, therapeutic, inexpensive way to correct various visual disorders.

  • Strabismus – early onset
  • Mild Amblyopia
  • Nystagmus
  • Inoperable Strabismus
  • Incomitant Strabismus
  • Diplopia
  • Phorias

A 3M Press-On™ provides immediate correction. Happy patient.

Press-On™ Optics adds no noticeable weight or thickness to the patient’s spectacle lens. 

The patient is looking good!

Improve the quality of life for your patient simply, inexpensively, and fast! Patient will love you!

Hint: It is best to maintain an inventory of a few of the prisms you use the most to provide corrective action and have the patient walk out of the office better than they walked in. We receive phone calls from patients asking if they can purchase a prism from us – the answer is yes; we want them to have the doctor who has prescribed the prism apply it correctly. 

We require they provide us with a copy of the current prescription before selling them a prism. Now, the problem arises as the patient (who has vision problems) is supposed to apply the prism correctly. These are frustrated and scared patients looking to their eye care provider for the solution to their problem. 

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