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Who is The Fresnel Prism and Lens Company?

Who is The Fresnel Prism and Lens Company?

The Fresnel Prism and Lens Company has been around since 1987. The Press-On™ Prism, patented by Arthur Jampolsky, MD, has been a staple in the eyecare professional’s toolbox since 1971. The Press-On™ Optics is based on the 1822 Fresnel Principle of a Fresnel Prism, which you will see in a few of the remaining old lighthouses. Many have asked us about the name Fresnel . . . the S is silent. 😊  

The Fresnel Principal was developed by French engineer Augustin Fresnel in 1822. It states: A prism’s angle of refraction depends only upon the angle of the surfaces and the index of refraction of the material of which the prism is made. The angle of refraction is independent of the prism’s thickness.  
Our main business will always be the 3M Press-On™ Optics. As 3M’s largest US distributor of Press-On™ Optics, we will always have a warehouse full of prisms to be shipped to you the same day.

We will always answer the phone with a smile – we pride ourselves in our over-the-top customer service.

We are still a Mom-and-Pop operation, plus two wonderful folks who take the orders, pack them, and ship them. Folks think we are a large operation, but nope, we are just super-efficient!

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