Protective Skin Wipes


Hypoallergenic Skin Wipes for Eye Patch Application

  • Use as a protective skin barrier when applying an eye patch, which helps stop the ouch.
  • Eye Patch will stick to the barrier and not the skin
  • Box of 25 single-use wipes
  • Designed specifically for use under adhesive products. It will form a protective film between the skin and the adhesive on the eye patch.  Skin prep is breathable, invisible, and water resistant.
  • Easily removed with soap and water,  Sterile, hypoallergenic, non-cytotoxic, and will not interfere with skin or wound healing.
  • Latex-free, preservative-free, and fragrance-free formula
  • Hypoallergenic, sterile formula
  • CHG compatible/Pediatric tested for use on full-term infants 0-36 months with normal skin
  • Lasts up to 96 hours (4 days)*
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Adapt™ no sting skin protective wipe is designed to be easy to apply, and to help promote skin health and patient comfort.
It allows the eye patch to adhere to the dried formula and not to the skin.


  • An alcohol-free formulation with aloe vera
  • Protection of sensitive skin from the effects of repeated application and removal of adhesives
  • Gentle, well-saturated material is easy to use
  • Comfort without the sting associated with products that contain alcohol
  • 25 On-the-go convenience of single-use packets

Not available for distribution in EU countries 

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