Peli Horizontal Training Prism Sets

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Visual Field Hemianopic Aids

Hemianopsia is a debilitating visual condition that affects roughly 1 in 3 stroke patients. To the patient, it’s as if one side of their visual field simply disappears. To a layperson, this is hard to imagine, and even harder to explain. Patients with hemianopia have two major complaints related to this devastating condition: it’s hard to read, and it’s hard to get around without bumping into things (mobility).
The Peli Lens™ is designed specifically to help with mobility. There is also a patented oblique configuration available that may make it possible to drive. Driving depends on your state’s laws.

Single pair of prisms – no fitting guide. $35.00
Single pair of prisms with a fitting guide. $40.00
4 pair bulk pack of prisms – no fitting guide. $90.00


Training prisms are exactly that – a tool to help patients ensure that peripheral prisms are right for them and a way to integrate the benefit into their everyday lives before investing in the full-power Peli Lens. Training prisms are meant to be used for a maximum of 4 to 6 weeks. Once the patient accepts the benefit of training prisms, they’re ready to move on to full-power prisms, which will offer roughly twice as much field expansion in a more durable, portable format.

For your patients to get the most use out of Peli Lens peripheral prisms, it’s important for them to practice processing overlapping images.

When patients first wear training prisms, it’s common for them to experience visual confusion as they try to distinguish what’s in their blind field and what is in their seeing field. Training is meant to minimize this confusion and help your patient use vision in a different way.

The good news is that training is highly effective at reducing visual confusion. A pilot study at Schepens Eye Research Institute showed patients to be 95% accurate in distinguishing confusing images after just six one-hour training sessions.

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