Translucent Binasal Wedge

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Uses for Binasal Occlusion Products

The Binasal Wedge is used to help determine the amount of Binasal occlusion required to treat the patient. Binasal occlusion is a simple and effective way to eliminate much of the pre-fixation physiological diplopia, which appears as a significant cause of patient confusion resulting from traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Binasal occlusion is an important treatment to help a patient understand where they are seeing, which can aid with eye-hand coordination. It is especially useful in helping an individual improve directional orientation as well as localization. A frequent observation of Binasal occlusion is that the patient’s confusion level is reduced, sometimes dramatically. This also improves the patient’s reach and ability to locate objects visually. Often it is valuable to reduce the amount of occlusion after a period of time before it is eliminated.

Use of Bangerter Occlusion Foils will not damage lenses and are easy to change out.

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The bi-nasal wedge tool can be used to determine if Binasal occlusion is a suitable treatment option and then aid in determining the appropriate placement of occlusion foils on the spectacle lenses. 

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