Bangerter Occlusion Foils


Occlusion Foils for Treating Amblyopia and Diplopia

Bangerter occlusion foils are translucent, plastic filters that adhere to the back of a spectacle lens with only water. They block light transmission and reduce visual acuity in a graded fashion.  Foils may be cut to fit most frame sizes and shapes and adhere to existing lenses with only water.

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The visual acuity approximated by each foil:
Item No.          ~ Snellen Acuity Level
6100  (1.0)             ~20/20
6080  (0.8)             ~20/25
6060  (0.6)             ~20/30
6040  (0.4)             ~20/50
6030  (0.3)             ~20/70
6020  (0.2)            ~20/100
6010  (0.1)            ~20/200
60<1  (<0.1)          ~20/300
60LP  (LP)         Light Perception
6000  (00)      Total Occlusion (beige)
Bangerter Occlusion foils are a system of graded thin flexible patches of varying degrees of transparency that equalize the spatial contrast of the dominant eye.
Application Instructions:
    *The shiny side of the foil is applied to the inside of the lens.
    *Cut the foil with sharp scissors to fit within the frame or fit the area needed.
    *Slightly dampen the shiny side with warm water & apply to the inner side of the lens.
    *Use a dry cloth the gently remove any air bubbles and remaining water.
    *Allow to dry for 1 hour.
Foil size is approx. 2.5″ x 2.5″
Recreational Use: Used in shooting sports – Instructional and Competitive Shooting.  
Removable and Reusable, similar to a window cling on.
The more often it is removed and re-applied it will gather oils and dust and will not stick as well.
Expected life of a foil will depend on how often it is removed – one -two months if it is not removed, less if it is removed daily.
NOTICE: The duration of the adhesion of the occlusion foils can be limited when used on lenses utilizing nano-technology (such as but not limited to Crizal lenses).
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Dimensions 2 × 2 × .5 in

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