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3M Press - On Prisms

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All Press-On™ photos used with permission from 3M

3M™ Press-On™ Prisms, also known as Fresnel Prisms, are valuable tools used to treat several ocular motility disorders, including Strabismus and Diplopia.

Phorias and Hemianopia symptoms due to stroke or trauma may also be treated utilizing Fresnel Prisms.

1.00D to 40.00D prisms - only approved/registered eye care professionals may have access to pricing & ordering.

For additional information please reference "What is a Fresnel Prism" tab.

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 3M Press On Booklet               How To Apply A Prism

 Made in USA 

Professional Users Only

Additional Information

You can apply a Press-On prism to the back surface of one or both lenses of the patient`s eyeglasses with just water.
It can be applied to the entire lens or to any region of the lens. 
3M™ Press-On™ Prisms:
Range:  1.0 Diopter to 40.0D
Material:  Polyvinyl Chloride 
Thickness: 1mm 
Diameter:  63.5 mm
Units/Package:  1