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MYI Occlusion Eyes Patches - Junior Size - Birth to 3 Years


•  Treating Lazy eye by letting kids choose their eye patch.
•  Choose from the 19 designs and 5 colors
•   Make an eye patch assortment as unique as your child.
•  Let their personality show. 
•  Compliance improves. 

Measures: 2.50" x 2.11"  for kids birth to 3 years old
51 total patches per pack. 3 designs of 17 patches.
*Shipping costs are a flat rate when ordering 1 - 6 packs of patches - save shipping cost when you order more than 1 pack.
Made in the USA     -    CE marked for EU sales

International Orders may be accessed Duty / Taxes at the time of delivery - these are not pre-paid


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Peek Free, no tiny holes to fixate through.
Adhesive is a Latex Free - Hypo-Allergenic medical/surgical tape.
Soft fabric adhesive - It will stick when other patches won't - doctors approve of the sticking ability of these patches as children stay patched.
The MYI patch will stay stuck in moist conditions like: tears, humidity, pools, baths.


Black layer provides for total occlusion.
Breathable thinner occlusion layer allows the patch to be more comfortable to eye lashes.



My 6 month old has a “wandering eye” so we have to patch her. The patches are soft and she doesn’t mess with it at all like I thought she would. They fit her perfectly!
Perfect fit

Love these patches! Fun colors and designs. The JR size was perfect for my premie!!! Unable to find a small enough patch anywhere but here. Sticks on very easy. Peels away without damage to the skin. Will stay on even through bath time!

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