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Fresnel Prism Trial Sets

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Available with or without handle to allow for unobstructed, 360 degree rotation.

Raised ridge prevents prism edges from touching table.

* Allow accurate testing of large oculomotor imbalances in the trial frame.
* Fits all standard trial frames, 38mm lens.
* Offers excellent optical qualities.
* Made of thin optical quality acrylic and are lightweight.
* Each set includes a display box.
* Available as two separate sets providing a full range of prisms.
TS 4000:  2^, 3^, 4^, 5^, 6^, 8^, 10^ - with handles or without handles
TS 5000:  12^, 15, 20^, 25^, 30^, 35^, 40^  - with handles or without handles
NOT CE Marked for European Sales
*International Orders may be accessed Duty / Taxes at the time of delivery - these are not pre-paid

Professional Users Only

Additional Information

Fresnel trial sets are indispensable as a tool for the 

proper evaluation of ocular motility disturbances.

These acrylic prisms allow for a more accurate 
evaluation of large-angle deviations.

Because a rigid Fresnel prism reduces vision less and 
creates less distortion and aberration than the press-on 
prism of a corresponding power, the practitioner can 
more accurately determine the tolerance to a given 

The patient who is not able to tolerate a prism from the 
trial set due to its side effects would not be a good 
candidate for a Fresnel press-on prism.