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"EP" Hemianopic Prism Set

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"EP" Horizontal System for treatment of patients suffering from Hemianopic Scotoma.

Includes 1 "EP" Horizontal System (1 set of prisms).

Provides approximately 20 degrees of visual field expansion.

*The Peli Lens™ should only be fit by or under the direction of a physician or other qualified ophthalmic professional.

Training is imperative to success with the Peli Lens. In addition to the basic training below, in-office vision therapy sessions have been shown to increase the patient’s ability to differentiate what’s in the prism and what is not. It is highly recommended to incorporate some vision therapy into the Peli Lens fitting.

Professional Users Only

Additional Information

The "EP" System utilizes 40 Diopter Fresnel Press-On prisms to shift the horizontal visual field received by the user's eye from the "blind" zone to the peripheral vision area to expand the overall field of vision experienced by the user.
Includes 1 "EP" Horizontal System (1 set of prisms).

20 degree field expansion
50% acceptance rate at 12-month follow-up
Backed by clinical trials
Unobstructed central vision.
No image jump
Cosmetically apealing
Simple to fit (protocols provided)