Consumer Eye Products

Consumer Eye Products
MYI (MY Eye) Patches came about because the eye patches for treating “Lazy Eye” (Amblyopia) were dull and boring.  They had no personality, NO Pizazz!  They were not made in America!  And, the brand that was most popular on-line were made such that you could see through them!  Yikes!!
Some families were very artistic and creative, and they would decorate the patches for their kids but how many families have an artist in residence?
In 2004, we developed a patch that uses a US made medical adhesive to stop the peeking.  We added a black occlusion layer to ensure the vision is occluded.  We put the Pizazz in the patch with more than 20 designs that can be mixed and matched providing a custom pack of patches every time!
Allowing the child to have a choice in the design they want to wear increases compliance.  Allowing the child to choose their favorite designs eliminates wasted eye patches that they will not wear.
Made in Minnesota with American made materials by an American small family business – it does not get much better than that!  Check our on-line reviews to see that it really does get better!
The Fresnel Prism and Lens Co. has been providing 3M Press-On® Prisms and other quality products to Eye Care Professionals since 1987.