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Lang Fixation Targets

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Fixation cubes & fixation stick developed by Joseph Lang, MD.
Recognizable pictures which complement the Lang Stereotests.

May be used for the cover test, the motility test as well as for holding the child's attention for the examination with the LANG-STEREOTEST I or II.

Each turn of the cube shows a new object which also corresponds to the pictures on the LANG FIXATION STICK. The star on the top side and the other prints can also be used for the test of convergence.


Fixation targets include: 

White Cube   Red Cube    Stick
* Sail Boat   * Horse   * Sail Boat
* Elephant   * Duck   * Elephant
* Car   * Tea Cup   * Car
* Cat   * Bear   * Cat
* Star with E   * Star with E   * Horse
        * Duck
        * Tea Cup
        * Bear
        * Star with E

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Lang Fixation Targets
*White Cube
*Red Cube