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Prisms are available to Eye Care Professionals and Health Care Providers only.

To purchase for personal use please call us. We do require a current copy of your prescription listing the prism.

Prism Return Policy:  All prism returns must first be authorized by Fresnel Prism and Lens Co. contact us to receive an RMA number which must be noted on a copy of the invoice for the merchandise being returned.  We are not able to accept returns of Optics that have been cut or removed from the outer carrier.  3M™ PRESS-ON-PRISMS™  have an expiration date clearly noted on the back of the sleeve - 3 years from the date of manufacture - all prisms sent from FPL are shipped within 3-4 months of manufacture and as such stock rotation and appropriate ordering of the Optics is imperative to prevent "old" stock from being used.  We are not able to accept or replace any expired 3M™ PRESS-ON-PRISMS™.  That being said, the Optics are usable after the expiration date - the material was reformulated and the optics will no longer become foggy or cloudy with age. 

MYI™ Patches

Application and Removal Instructions and hints if redness or irritation occurs

Tell me about MYI Occlusion Eye Patches.

  • The patches are made from a LATEX FREE medical / surgical adhesive.
  • They are PEEK-FREE, there are no tiny holes in the non-woven material to fixate through – if a child can see through the holes of the patch, they are not patched.
  • Adhesive is a HYPO-ALLERGENIC medical grade adhesive.
  • The adhesive is “aggressive” it will stick when other patches don’t – they do not come off in water, from sweat, humidity or tears.
  • The thin black occlusion layer provides for total occlusion and is thin so it is comfortable to the eyelashes.
  • The patch is intended for one time use, not to be reused. 
  • Not for use on broken skin.

May we get a sample of the MYI Occlusion Eye Patch before purchasing?

Of course! Just call or email us and we will send a few for you to try. 1-800-544-4760 or 1-952-496-0432 or email: info@fresnelprism.com  

Sorry, but samples may only be sent within the United States and Canada.


How are the MYI Occlusion Eye Patches sold?

  • The patches are sold in packages of 51 total patches, you chose the 3 designs/colors you want in each pack. $17.00 USD per pack.
  • Shipping charges are the same for 1-6 packages.  To order 20+ packs of patches please contact us directly to receive a quantity discount. Cost is dependent on where we are shipping to and the method. 
  • The MYI Occlusion Eye Patches are not available in pharmacies – contact us directly.  Some clinics do carry the patches for resale.
  • We process and ship the same day on all orders received by 2:00 pm CST(U.S.)  and often until right before we leave for the day so most orders are received in 4-5 business days' right to your mailbox.
  • We ship to most countries, but we suggest you first check to see if there is a distributor in your country – we are adding more constantly.
  • 2 sizes are available:
    • Junior is for children from birth to 3 years old. Measurements:  2.50" x 2.11"
    • Regular size is for 3 years and up. Measurements:  3.16" x 2.25"

What size should I get, the Regular size looks so big?

  • MYI Occlusion Eye Patches are available in 2 sizes: Junior is for children from from birth to 3 years old and the Regular size is for 3 years and up.
  • Doctors recommend that the larger is better to ensure the black occlusion portion of the eye patch totally covers the eye area. If a child is able to peek, they are not being patched.
  • The eye lashes should be able to move freely under the patch, so the eye is open while patching.

Return Policy for MYI Patches;

Because the patches are a medical product that comes in contact with the skin, refunds are only made on unopened packs of 51 patches. Also, we are only able to accept patches purchased directly from us - not if you purchased from a 3rd party.  Contact us first for a few samples to try before you buy if you have had issues with other brands of patches.  Ordered the wrong size and need to exchange?  Contact us first.   Always contact before sending us your patches for return.   Email or call:  info@fresnelprism.com or 1-800-544-4760