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NEW! CoverClude Occlusion Eyes Patches - Regular Size - 3+ years

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5 Child Friendly Designs Per Box

50 Total Patches

The CoverClude patch will stay stuck in moist conditions like: tears, humidity, and play.

Adhesive is LATEX FREE medical/surgical tape.
Pressure-sensitive adhesive.
Ultra thin black occlusion layer.

 Measures: 3.16" x 2.25" for kids 3 and older.

50 total patches per box. 5 designs 
*Shipping costs are a flat rate when ordering 1 - 6 boxes of patches - save shipping cost when you order more than 1 box.

Made in the USA     -    CE marked for EU sales

International Orders may be accessed Duty / Taxes at the time of delivery - these are not pre-paid


Professional Users Only

Additional Information

Medical adhesive is generic brand of 3M Medical Adhesive.