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3M Press-On Aspheric D-Segs


All Press-On™ photos used with permission from 3M

 * Used for refractive +/- correction - these are not prisms.

 Made In USA 

 May be used to adapt sunglasses to bifocals or swim goggles or dive masks for Rx correction.

3M™ Press-On™ D-Seg Bifocal Lenses are great to use to alter sunglasses or in swim goggles & dive masks to add magnification to allow easy reading of gauges, watch or camera.  Available to all, no Rx needed.

3M™ Press-On™ Optics are inexpensive, per-diecut, and may be used for temporary or long term solutions.

For use in water, use the following formula to find the right diopter lens for you: 

(1/2)(Cylinder) + Sphere = Diopter.  (found on your most recent Rx)
ater will refract light and correct vision a bit without any prescriptive power applied.
ith that in mind, always select a diopter strength that is one step lower than the outcome of your calculation

International Orders may be accessed Duty / Taxes at the time of delivery - these are not pre-paid

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Additional Information

Apply a Press-On sphere to the back surface of one or both lenses of the eyeglasses with just water.

3M™ Press-On™ D-Seg Aspheric Optics:
Range:  +1.00 to +6.0D
Material:  Polyvinyl Chloride
Thickness: 1mm 
Dimensions:  25.4mm x 16mm
Pre-diecut D-shape
Units/Package:  2 pre-cut lenses per package


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