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Blue Roll Eye Patch-Bi-Lingual

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  • Great for screening tests
  • Vision Field Testing
  • Bilingual
  • 100 patches per roll
  • Stop cross contamination
  When conducting a vision screening clinic, acuity testing, the examiner must ensure that the non-tested eye is not peeking. One of the best ways to ensure monocular testing is to apply an adhesive patch over the non-tested eye. This allows the screener to pay attention to the testing device and encourage the child while testing.

Occlude patient when conducting Vision Field tests. Accuracy increases.

Cost effective - less than a patch used for occlusion therapy
Use for screening tests in schools
•Use when conducting Vision Field tests
Ensures no peeking
Easy to manage rolls of 100 patches
Rounded edges – more comfortable
Sanitary – stops the spread of disease

Blue Vision Testing Patch

Professional Users Only

Additional Information

Not recommended for treatment of amblyopia - the adhesive is too gentle and will pull away during long term wearing allowing peeking.